Pricing for a single live painting is determined by size and how much refining  of the painting you would like after the event. Each Canvas Package includes one day of studio time.  We will work with you to fit your individual needs and budget. All canvases are gallery-wrapped and ready to hang.

Our consultation will help you make your best choice, as each event is unique!


 All prices include insurance and a detailed consultation. Additional expenses will include mileage (over 25 miles from Harbor Springs/Petoskey), transportation, lodging, and shipping (if applicable). The painting will be hand-delivered free within the Little Traverse Bay Area.

Event Day

On-site, live-painting capturing the essence and spirit of the wedding and delivered at the end of the event. Detail given to the Wedding Couple, other guests completed in impressionistic style. One day of additional studio work is included to 'wrap up' the painting and add finishing touches.



Live Wedding Painting of First Dance

Live Painting Packages with 1 Day in the Studio 

Trillium      ~   18" x 24"    $1,450

Primrose    ~    20" x 30"   $1,750

Violet          ~   24" x 36"    $2,050


Two additional studio days of work done on your painting: adding more portraiture, highlighting details in the Wedding Couple, guests, flowers, and overall enhancement of the painting.  

First Dance-24inx36in.jpg

Live Painting Packages with 2 Days in the Studio 

Trillium II     ~   18" x 24"    $2,150

Primrose II   ~   20" x 30"   $2,450

Violet II         ~   24" x 36"    $3,000


Live painting plus 20+ hours of studio time.  Extensive work is done on all parts of the painting. This is created on a 36"x48" canvas only.

Orchid Package:   $4,500


Shipped within 8-10 weeks of event. 

Wedding Frame



Portraits are referenced by sketch and photo, painted in studio. 

A complete consultation with enable me to give you a true estimate of cost.

Shipped within 8-10 weeks, dependent upon commission schedule.


Bride & Groom Wedding Portrait, Patrick Wise, Live Wedding Artist

Other Artwork

Images for

Save the Date  ~  Invitations  ~  Thank You cards

 ~Wedding Still Life ~ Original requests


Wedding Invitation Art, Mackinac Island, Patrick Wise, Live Wedding Artist
Wedding Still Life Paintig, Patrick Wise, Wedding Artist

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