Frequently Asked Questions:

How soon should I book my Live Event painting?

The calendar fills up quickly, so I recommend the sooner the better.

How do I secure my booking?

A $500.00 non-refundable deposit secures your date. Once the deposit is received and you've chosen a canvas size, an Agreement will be sent for your signature.

What if my wedding or event has already occurred?

I will work from a photograph supplied by you.

How do I choose who will be in my painting?

I suggest that the Wedding Couple is the focus, with other close family members or friends included. You don't want to have too many subjects in the painting, otherwise the focus gets lost. When we have a consultation, I can help guide you to making the best decision for you! Refer to the canvas size question for even more information!

What needs to be provided for you at the wedding or event?

*A minimum space of 5'x7' *Electrical outlet nearby *A water source *A good view of what you want me to capture in my painting

How long will you be at my wedding or event?

I arrive 1-2 hours early to set up and begin the painting. I will paint 4+ hours at the event

What is your painting style?

My style is representational and impressionistic, capturing the essence of your event and guests, not every line and detail.

How are portraits done?

I will meet with you both and I may draw a few sketches so that I can have a true reference of your features. You will provide me with the photograph from which you'd like me to paint your Double Portrait.

Who are your influences from the art world?

My favorites are Pierre Bonnard, Lucian Freud, and William Merritt Chase.

What if my wedding is outside of Northern Michigan?

I will travel. Prices vary depending upon airfare, transportation, location of the wedding, accommodations, and how many days of stay are required. I travel with an assistant when I book out of town events.

Why should I hire you to live paint at my wedding, event, or paint portraits?

I have a Masters Degree in painting and have 30 years experience painting in oils and other mediums. I have exhibited nationally and taught college level painting. A painting is not a photo or a video, and it takes on a life of its own by capturing the essence of the event and people in a way that a camera lens cannot. Warmth, flavor, and feeling is added to an original painting. Additionally, guests enjoy watching a painting in process. You will have an added entertainment not found at most weddings, and you're left with a treasure to be enjoyed for years to come!

Are live wedding paintings something new?

No! Fine artists have been creating paintings of weddings for hundreds of years, from the engagement to the procession, the ceremony, the reception, wedding night and after-party. Check out this article for some historical inspiration

I would like a painting that's not from an event or wedding. Will you do that? How does that work?

I absolutely create work outside of events and weddings, and have completed many commissions. I ask that you fill out the Contact form where you can give me an idea of what you have in mind, and we will set up a phone consultation where you can provide more details. I will send you some sketches initially, and continue to send you photos of my progress throughout the process.

How do I choose the canvas size for my painting?

Popular wedding painting sizes are 18"x24", 20"x30", or 24"x36". Composition Considerations: A larger canvas offers a more expansive view of the scene and the option for more people, with the focus on you. The smaller canvas focuses on YOU and could get crowded quickly, so you'd want to limit the amount of people in the painting. When we have our consultation, we will talk about your vision and I'll help you make solid decisions to help your vision become reality in the painting. Please click for canvas size information.

What scene should I have you paint?

I suggest capturing one of the following scenes: * the joyous moment when the married couple leaves the altar * the romance of the first dance I am more than willing to work with you if you have a unique idea in mind!


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